Timer Lock & Wifi Batter Pin Lock

All other app-lock apps provide pin and pattern-blocked options for locking your app and tablet. Most of the time, our friends and colleagues appreciate our pen or pattern by poking our shoulders for some time. Do your friends, associates and family members appreciate your PIN? We offer super lock applications to solve your problem.In addition to the Pin Lock and Emboss option, Ultra Lock offers the following unique lock options:

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★ Hours and Minutes Pin: This option sets the current hours and minutes as the padlock lock screen. For example, if the current time is 10:50, the lock screen icon is 1050. Since the hours and minutes on mobile phones change every minute, the pin changes every minute. The best part is that you never have to remember the variable pin.

★ Date and Month Pin: If you do not want your pin lock screen every minute, you can use the date and month based on the current date and month on your phone’s pin lock screen. For example, if the current date is 2018.05.06 DD / MM / YYY format, then this 0506 will be locked. The next day the screen icon will be 0606.

★ Battery and battery Pin Set.

the battery and battery pin lock screen pin as the current battery level of your mobile phone. For example, if the current battery level is 50%, then the lock screen pin is 5050.

In addition, it provides a great combination of good lock, minute, date, month and battery charge, such as precise data pen month minutes pen, working hours and appointment pens, minutes and pen batteries, etc., and use them, and Others will be difficult to guess password lock app lock

Other amazing features in the application,

★ Lockout: You can enable or disable lock for specific group of applications based on that time. For example, you can lock and unlock social app only during the 9 hours to 5 o’clock business.

★ Lock depends on Wi-Fi: You can turn lock on or off for specific applications based on your Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you are connected to your office Wi-Fi network, you can enable and disable Messaging App Lock when disconnecting.

★ Attack Detection: When an application next locks and locks the on-screen notification appears in the app-opening app, the picture is taken from the front camera.

★ Last Unlock Time: When opening a special application, Ultra Lock displays notification of the last open time of the locked app.

★ Lock Lock Adjustment Tool: We provide reverse and revised prices, making it difficult to appreciate your PIN. For example, if you put a screen lock pin 5121, you will use adjustments and hours to use the minimum pin types, which will be present at 12:15 and the ultra lock application lock, which is incompatible with the current time.

★ Random numeric keypad: The lock screen lock application displays numeric keypad in random order.

★ Lock Photo and Gallery: You can lock your personal photos and videos in Ultra Lock.

If you want to beta lab or comment on the app, then please email at help@miragestack.com. we will contact you.





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