App Lock Apk For Android | How To Protect The Phone With Fingerprint & Password

By | June 21, 2019

App Lock, a security app compliant with a protected password protected private image Download AppLock Best uploading Download free Download the app for Android One Private One with a security guard, the best Locker app with password and model lock screen

App Lock Apk For Android | How To Protect The Phone With Fingerprint & Password Apk For Android

It is super-applicable that protects your privacy, it will give security to your phone.  To guarantee your phone, note, calls, text messages, e-mails, security on your phone, configure privacy protection features and protect your privacy.

App Lock Apk For Android ?

With application blocking protection, the privacy password is well protected with lock screen and model lock screen.  The app can block Facebook, Voice, Gallery, Snapshots, SMS, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, Personal Security and Phone.

How to Active Finger Print Lock in Android ?

App photos can hide and hide videos Hidden photos and videos are not present in the gallery and only images and videos are displayed in wt.  No pins, no mode There is an option to enable the template lock hidden in the app block.  People with more concerns can get PINs or PIN models.  Keep it safe!

FingerPrint App Lock Apk Download Latest Version ?

With this app block you won’t have any worries for your children like the settings for saving settings.  He is a very good child.  The app is an excellent app lock that allows you to keep your personal security, protecting every app from keeping it safe.

  1. How to protect the phone?

To prevent someone from disabling the lock lock app, you need to block at least these apps: Settings and Google Play.

  2. How i Change password?

For apps, open the app, click on the menu, then change the password

  3. How to stop or install AppLock

To uninstall this smart app block you need a password, you can reset it via security email if you forget your password.

  4. I forgot my password, how to find My Password Back.?

Enter the security email and then click on ‘reset password’

Download other topics: we have many themes in the app, to get more themes to download app themes, click on the theme thumbnails on these topics.  If you are not currently on your phone, you will be asked to download the theme app.  Google Play

Protecting from each one?

Save your apps, emails, messages and photos through your secure app via password protection or fingerprint blocking.  You can also use App Lock to play the phone with the app to play with the phone to open an application, delete or buy anything.

How does the app block work?

Our useful locker app allows you to lock a pin, a pattern or a fingerprint in front of anything like Facebook, Snapshot, Email, Text.  When you open a secure app, the app will ask you to confirm your password.

App Lock Apk For Android | How To Protect The Phone With Fingerprint & Password
App Lock Apk For Android | How To Protect The Phone With Fingerprint & Password

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