Best CCTv Camera for your Shops & Homes

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The CCTV Camera Pro mobile application contains valuable security installation tools.

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The CCTV Camera Pro mobile application for Android allows users to purchase video surveillance equipment from their mobile phone or tablet. The application includes valuable security installation tools, such as the voltage drop calculator, the AC to DC power converter, the open port tester, the CCTV lens calculator and the IP address locator (what is my address  IP?). Online surveillance can be used for the founders of video surveillance systems,when planning systems and clutter at work sites.

Best CCTv Camera for your Shops & Homes

How to access / configure articles, user manuals, PDF files, videos and photos in our best-selling product lines such as IDVR and ViewTron surveillance systems.

The ECP has a CCTV Camera Pro blog, a YouTube video channel and a Facebook page that contains valuable articles, videos, photos and user comments about the latest video surveillance devices we have tested.  And the offer.

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CCTV Camera is a direct provider of professional security cameras, video surveillance systems and CCTV equipment.We provide IP surveillance systems and closed circuit analog television (CCTV).  We supply our products in any way to homeowners, entrepreneurs, government agencies and any other type of organization.

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We send our products to anywhere in the world with free shipping worldwide.  there is No canera project is too small or too big for our team. We have the training of sales engineers who can help you design a system that suits your needs and budget.

The IDVR-PR Viewer application for Android allows users to connect one or more IDVR-Pro CCTV cameras to a DVR.  IDVR-PROO surveillance is provided by DVRCTV camera professionals.

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Users can remotely view their security cameras on the Internet using Wi-Fi and mobile Internet connections on mobile phones and Android tablets.

The latest IDVR-PRO are hybrid and can support standard definition analog CCTV cameras and the latest HD security cameras (compatible with AHD and HDTVI).  720p and 1080p video resolutions are compatible with HDD and HD TV cameras.  Each DCR channel can be configured separately using CCTV, AHD (720p or 1080p) and HDTVI (720p or 1080p).

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This mobile application for Android allows users to find and play video surveillance recordings from a DVR hard drive.The user can access video sequences on a local network where the DVR is available on the Internet or remotely. There are two ways in which users can find and retrieve a recorded video.  The first option is to use the search menu where users can select the date and time of video playback.  Another approach is to activate DVR login events, such as camera motion detection or external alarms (such as PR motion sensors and magnetic door / window sensors).

The latest version of the Android application is compatible with remote audio monitoring.  Connect MIC-CCTV02 to the RCA input of the DVR from CCTV Camera Pro (or any other compatible audio surveillance microphone) and listen remotely to the application. Many microphones are compatible and selective in the application.

Important note! This application is specifically designed for ICDVRPO security DVR with CCTV camera companies.This application will not work with any other DVR model. Here is a list of DVR models that work with the application:

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