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Editor and AP Installer, APR Extraction and AP App AppCreator and editor of AP, you can easily create an Android application without any coding.

It can analyze the APK file in a possible source code. With this application, you can deepen the structure of the APK file and remove images from it.

All applications installed on the device also display a list of all applications stored on backups and SD cards of extensions / applications / applications.
AP Editor: There is also a list of all applications stored on all applications installed on the downloader / share / AP device, save as well as SD card.

You can send your current backups using the application and share them with your friends. In addition, you can skip backed up old applications in the updated version.

How to use:
• Create many photos
• Select these photos as “some AP creators” who follow the leaders
• Then “Application developer” will create an application / application for you

Apike installation file allows you to see the package name AP file location and installation date, AP 5 MD file, SHA -1 signature, permissions, UID, UID common minimum API level, API Level Floor Level, Component information (work). Service, recipients and suppliers).
By default, APK / sdcard / extractApks / files are saved.

An amazing application for AP Editor Pro files on a device with an SD card.

Thank you for using this application, checking, evaluating and including future updates.Thank you …

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