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Speed ​​Cleaner can instantly optimize your phone’s performance, speed up web browsing, improve the gaming experience, monitor and record battery, and extend battery life, expert app and storage  to clean phones for more space.  Speed ​​up your phone with Speed ​​Cleaner and mobile optimizer!  Speed ​​Cleaner app that helps increase the speed of your phone with a touch!

Cooler Master Phone Cooler Free

  ☆ phone reminder
  It improves the performance of games and applications. Our Phone Booster Feature free up memory, speeds up your phone and saves battery increase battery life.

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  ☆ Unwanted cleaning – Memory cleaner
  Junk File Cleaner cleans up memory and storage cache and junk files that help improve and optimize the speed and performance of your phone.

  ☆ CPU cooler
  Constantly monitor temperature changes, effectively lower the phone temperature by detecting apps that use a high processor, and start to cool down.  Cool Android devices as quickly as possible with the memory booster.

  ☆ Battery saver
  Check the status and analysis of your phone’s battery.  Reduce the battery charge.  Increase and optimize the maximum battery level for a longer lifespan.  Extend battery life and increase performance with the battery expert.

  ☆ Application manager
  How many years have you been installing an application that you have not been using?  Easily uninstall old apps and identify inactive apps.

  ☆ fast
  Speed ​​Cleaner optimizes and speeds up your Android phone with a single tap.  You can also scan cache and junk files on your phone and clean them up to significantly speed up your phone processing.

  ☆ Easy to use
  Just press the boost button to speed up your phone and keep it clean and fast.

  Real-time temperature monitoring
  Device temperature monitors and records.  displays real time and temperature.  change curves

  Dynamic overheat detection
  It dynamically analyzes CPU Central Processer Unit usage and detects applications that use very  excessive system resources to determine the cause of the phone overheating problem.

  A touch to refresh
  Close overheating apps with one touch to reduce CPU usage.

  ✓ Prevent overheating
  Close applications that may cause the temperature to rise and prevent the phone temperature from rising.

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