CrookCatcher – Anti Theft Apk Mobile Tracker Cell Tracking CrookCatcher_2.1.6.apk


Once CrookCatcher is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you may have a chance to get it back! CrookCatcher mobile tracker application hides behind a mobile devices lock screen, and if someone tries to unlock the phone with the wrong code, they take a picture of the person with the front camera.

CrookCatcher immediately sends the photo of the thief with the current GPS position to your device. Whether your phone is stolen or lost your colleague / partner family / friend is very curious, with CrookCatcher you always know if there is an intruder!

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft Apk Mobile Tracker Cell Tracking

When someone tries to unlock the phone with the wrong code, take a picture with the hidden camera.Send an email with a link to Google Device Manager, where you can monitor your photo, GPS coordinates, accuracy, estimated mailing address, map, and device location 24/7. September

Works with password, PIN code and template lock.Combined map view and photos to view images in the application.
It is obvious that it is completely silent and personal (turn off notifications in the settings).

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft Apk Mobile Tracker Cell Tracking

The battery does not discharge – CrookCatcher only works if the wrong code is entered.Select the number of attempts to unlock before the picture is taken

Editable GPS settings (standby and desired accuracy The application is free – for you. The application contains ads – for me (developer). Without advertising, I would not be able to eat or create CrookCatcher. Support development by purchasing PREMIUM in the app and get the full CrookCatcher experience.

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft Apk Mobile Tracker Cell Tracking

SIM card change detection (send e-mails with information about the SIM card and the operator: subscriber ID, operator name, SIM card country and SIM card serial number. This information can be used to get help from the SIM operator to find on your phone.

Detection of theft if somebody is caught by CrookCatcher app but later manages to unlock the phone then CrookCatcher will take another photo

Retry the email if the phone is offline while the photo was taken, resend the email while online again

Change the subject of the email (if you receive a notification from your email app, this is useful to prevent the thief from finding out about your capture)

Hide notifications for new photos until the phone is unlocked Warning message (When CrookCatcher catches the thief, it displays a special warning message on the lock screen.

CrookCatcher - Anti Theft Apk Mobile Tracker Cell Tracking

For example, tell the thief to return the phone or show the photo to the police!
Who touched my phone Who unlocked it? Who tried to unlock it?

The application will use the front camera in the background to record who is using the phone, invisible to the user. You’ll see who does what, when and what when your favorite device isn’t under your attention.

How does it work? Open the app and click the button. Then closed the app and lock your Android device; User unlocked the device or tried to do so. The app start recording a report photo in second , list of running applications.

The device screen turns off. The application saves a report. Etc User tries to unlock the device several timee An application saves a report;

View your reports in the application. Configure cloud synchronization.This application uses Device Administrator permission.

The app needs device administrator rights to track erroneous unlock attempts. Android incorrectly recognizes a password or pattern only.

if it contains at least 4 numbers characters or periods per pattern. Device manager must be disabled before uninstalling the application.

CrookCatcher_2.1.6.apk Free Download

CrookCatcher_2.1.6.apk APK For Android Faster and Safer internet

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