Designer Tools Apk Download Latest Version 2.1.0 App For Android

By | September 7, 2019

Brighten up the design of your app with mirrors with designer tools for Android.Developer, have you ever verified that you have implemented the user interface design for speculation?

Designer Tools Apk Latest Version For Android

UX Designer, have you ever wondered if the color or layout is right?

Designer Tools offers a series of features to review and review the app specifications.  Whether it’s testing your lead or the blue tint, you definitely want to add this app to your toolkit.  Even if you specify red, this is a great way to check every pixel.

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Grid overlap: allows you to quickly switch between screen screens to check for conflicting distances or misconfiguration items.  You can also customize grid sizes and dash colors.

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Transformation Overlay: displays a photo of makeup on your app. This gives you a better chance of seeing how the design sheet matches the advanced user interface.  Choose between vertical or horizontal overlays and rely on coverage for effective comparison.

Designer Tools Apk Latest Version 2.1.0 Download

Color Picker: Identify the pixel-level hexadecimal color code to wrap your finger around a loop and an identity.

Screen details.  Add a panel that shows information about your device, screen and Android version in all your screenshots.  Quality control teams would love it.

 Do you have any ideas for another tool that we can contribute?  Send us an email and let us know!

Designer Tools Apk For Android ⏬⏬

Designer Tools Apk Latest Version Apk download
Designer Tools Apk Latest Version Apk download

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