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Register the digital book application and the credit book number. Don’t forget to borrow your daily account from your digital ledger, cash book, payroll, invoice generator and inventory (stock) manager. Udhaar Book is the only app you need to manage and grow your business. Borrowed books are 100% safe. All your data is backed up, so (Khudana Crispy) you will never lose your data even if you lose your phone.

Pakistan’s No.1 Digital khata book

The best part about borrowing books is that it’s completely free. Get shareable reports Send SMS reminders. Send Personal Slips Create Beautiful Personal Invoices Udhaar Book is #1 Khatabook. Easy Book #1 in Pakistan with Easy Cash & Easy Invoice.

Digital ledger lending provides an easy accounting experience to digitize your loan book. You no longer need to use paper notebooks to manage your notebooks.With Udhaar Book you can send free SMS reminders to recover the book (credit) 4x faster. This is one of the main reasons to switch from paper notepad to our DG notepad app.

Credit book to note your daily khata

With Udhaar Book you can share free pdf reports, view your current balance and always be aware of your credit book / ledger. Manage your Cash Book Payments and daily payments and top up the account. All your transactions are 100% secure
All your data is backed up. Your cash register (Khudana Crispy) may be lost, but your cash transactions are always secured with a borrowed cash book ?

Digital Khata App

Additionally, our cashbook allows you to share reports with your team and management for transparency. Salary books: Salary books help you manage employee attendance, employee training and salary (salary or salary).With Paybook you can:
Manage Attendance: Manage staff/employee attendance for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly staff.

Salary Management (Salary / Tangkha): Employee / Employee Salary Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Salary Management (Advance Salary / Account / Debit): Manage Upfront and Upfront Salary for Employee and Employee Salary is also a quick guide for business.Employers and managers generate attendance reports, generate pay reports and send salaries to employees.

Udhaar Book is 100% safe & secure.

Invoice Book (Invoice Maker): Use Udhaar Book Invoice Maker to quickly and easily create beautiful custom invoices. All 100% free.In addition, goods, prices, quantities, taxes, discounts, etc. you can add You don’t need to manually calculate your daily ledger or use a paper notebook or Excel to manage your accounting or income statement. Our invoice manager helps you manage all transactions automatically.

Whether you’re a business owner, contractor or freelancer, pay fast through Udhaar Book’s free invoice generator. Commodity, inventory and inventory management Borrowing ledger allows you to manage your inventory and inventory of your products.

Item, Stock, and Inventory ManagementšŸ“¦

It’s a simple and affordable inventory management system that helps you manage inventory, track inventory, and know when to order, so your customers don’t leave your store empty-handed.
Other interesting features include: Keep your customer data 100% secure Search or send free SMS updates Automatic backups and updates Change and update data for each customer individually.

No flash costs or extras: 100% free! Annotate every article you run
Get free weekly/monthly reports
Send personalized notifications
Get reliable results and calculations
Get a 24/7 support team

How to use Download Udhaar Book: Add Customer Information For Sale Udhaar is sold in business model: grocery, market, online commerce, bakery, fruit shop, bakery, fruit and vegetable shop, jewellery, gold, gold business, pharmacy and pharmacy, real. Real estate, dairy, newspaper distributor and clothing wholesaler.

Digi Khata App

DG Laser is a digital application for laser and cash books; Managing your business’s accounting. Credit Book Digital Book – Store / Business Digital Book Accounting Easy Book – Manage Your Daily Account, Digital Book Borrowing (Credit) Digital Book Borrowing Account Book for Credit, Debit, Loan and Account Book.

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