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Super Battery – Battery Doctor is a simple and professional application to save battery. Global energy saving program with battery expansion, power analysis, power manager, smart charger, CPU cooler, private browser and junk mail cleanup.

Main features of the super battery:

Battery optimization and saving battery life
Detects and blocks applications that download energy. Analyze the battery condition in the head. Maximize battery life and battery life. Improves overall performance by 25% of battery power. All improvements can only be achieved with the touch of a button. Each of us is struggling with battery consumption, but with our habit and battery economy, the power of the economy has never been easier!

🔌 Charge Master – fast charge

Display unnecessary applications without charging or accelerating the battery. Avoid trouble loading. Here the user will be informed about the charging of the phone, the charge status of the battery and the charging status as well as the details of the main phone.

Center of the battery – percentage of the battery
Display the battery status and the remaining battery life correctly. Find out how different factors (games, calls, etc.) affect the life of your device’s battery.

⏰ Plan the optimization of the battery

If you automatically switch to the phone mode, the battery will be drained to make your phone work as well as possible. An additional feature selects a specific time to change the device mode of the camera to conserve battery power.

Jack Jack Cleaner – free up space
It protects the space and improves the device’s efficiency by analyzing and mentally detecting JAK files, saving battery life. Backup files, cash, junk files, inappropriate applications and other unwanted files can be found in the button and deleted!

☀️ prediction
New Exceptional Bonus Feature – Seasonal Forecast Accurate weather forecasts with temperature, humidity, UV index and air with details on all major weather conditions.

🚔 Private browser – secure browsing
All browsing and search history data is automatically deleted. Browse sensitive content without leaving a trace!

Controller system Adjustment Controller
Immediate access to important functions such as WLAN, flashlight, screen brightness, GPS etc.

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