Dual Match 3 Puzzle Game Apk File

Double play 3 is like three puzzle games where players try to score higher.The points are multiplied by 10 balls.
Players can increase the score by adding more groups, in which case the number of weapons is multiplied by the number of shooters for example, in the third Cambodian, up to 3 points

The player can throw balls independently: vertical, horizontal or vertical The rules are simple, more than just one color and number 3 balls or more In a difficult situation, the number of balls in cubes is the total number of points.The two blocks are connected to 3 or more of the same color, you can earn points and remove the cube…

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The level is discarded when all colors are cleaned in a specific specification.When you reach the top, you can increase the result by completing the surface at a lower level.Players receive money based on the full number. During these games, these currencies can be converted to convert.

There are three elements:Step . Press the ball to finish it Article  Add two tricks Element The monitor shows a high recording pathYou can use many items during the game, but the number of coins increases with each use.

In time mode, you should get a high score of 60 seconds.
In 60 seconds, the level and time limits will be 60 seconds.Get a group for the group you created.
Add 1 MMO 1 second, add 3 groups 3 seconds, add 3 groups 10 seconds, add 4 groups 30 seconds, add 5 groups 60 seconds.

Latest Hidden Features

However, the time limit is no more than 60 seconds.You can post the results of your game or go to the best SNS.
People who do not see the color difference using the loredption.Ther are three different color themes:White
Dark blue Gray BGM Written by Amasa…


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