Ex Soung Mixing & Sound Effects Application

Ez Sound Effects And Sound Mixing Application For Android Mobile Phone.  EZ Sound Pro Pro song and sound as sound.Now you can sing about your favorite song! AEG Voice is an application for IRIG Voice and IRG Mike, which allows you to access, work and record your mobile phone.

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With voice voice, you’ll always be successful and successful. Simply select a song from your library and make your voice easier – organize voice and add fun to sound. Then, when you’re happy, share your favorite show with your friends and fans. For your favorite music, sound and sound is an easy way.

Your favorite songs, your way. Register your heart and work with the RSS interface. Kill the song “sound without sound” to clear the sound, and press record record – now you have a light path. Next, check the preview and the FX X list.


Impact on your fingers’ visual quality.

It always supports foreign security. Find the best effects in your voice column room, or leave your effects to interfere with your skills.

The EZ sound lets you enjoy your own way. You can choose 9 sound effects containing high effects. Add sexually related sex to sex. Use sessions to add extra sound and harmony. We can also include some traditional results like audio sound, delay, audio cycle, candidate and level – all professional seriousness programs from IT multimedia. Allows to adjust the tubes to increase the click effect. You can also save your favorite projects.


Share with your friends

By listening to the list, you can easily control your list. EZ voice read, read and meet you Keep your work and share your chat with your friends and fans email or voice mail.

EZ voice features:

Distribute song with your mobile device or music library or file. Without song. Quick and easy handling you use anywhere Delete the first sound key from the songs. High quality effect: Melody, Double, Qader, EQ, File, Level, Selection, Delays and Repeat (Freedom of Program.Comes with the SIP soup factory for all songs
Test, edit and save contact groups
Email sharing or file lets you share your work with your friends

Use microphones built on your mobile devices or microphones and microphone screens
To work correctly, use preet iRig microphone as IKIG Voice, Mike Rig, Mike Rig, Microsoft Rig and IR.To learn more about EZ audio and compatible phones, please visit:


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