Find Hidden Spyware, Wifi and Camera Security App

Find Hidden Spyware, Wifi and Camera Security App
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The CyberTour app protects your Android phone from spyware applications.Cyber ​​Tour is a powerful cybersecurity protection app for your smartphone. Cyber ​​Tour guarantees that no spyware application can track you.

Main Features:camera One click widget to lock / unlock the camera. The Spy Spyware Finder feature detects spyware in a list and then displays similar results on the smartphone screen.

How to scan hidden Apps in Android phone

Lock Camera Function Lock Camera from Android 9 or earlier. App The hidden app function shows hidden mobile apps
The App Analyzer utility permissio applications used by other applications. Contacts, memory, camera, messages, calls, microphone.

Find Hidden Spyware, Wifi and Camera Security App

Scan all apps on your phone with high risk app functionality and search for apps from unknown sources or third party websites.
Who’s in my WLAN? The function tells us who is connected to your Wi-Fi.

website Check the security function of the website Open the door.The Prot Play Protect Scan function lets you scan apps using the Google Play Store Scan (shortcut link).
The Manager Application Manager function assists the user to install system applications and user applications.

Admin applications display applications that have administrator rights for your specific mobile function.The storage permissions feature shows apps for which galleries, images, data, etc. are allowed.

Hidden APP Recovery Apps 2021

The ice device information function displays details about the phone.Privacy Audit and App Analyzer are almost identical, but easy to use, so you can easily see apps one by one that gives you contact details, phone details, phone access. Memory, location, microphone, sensor, SMS connection, call history, camera and calendar approval.

When the detection settings do not know if the phone is rooted or not, the mobile advisor function provides a backup of the mobile phone settings. Check your PIN, pattern or password. To protect your mobile settings, check whether the location is on or off.

Find Hidden Spyware, Wifi and Camera Security App

The services installed on the mobile indicate access to your mobile phone. Make sure the apps are a collection of the most important apps. Show unknown apps, third party apps that are sometimes installed as batch files and from time to time hide in phone and spy and retrieve personal data like sms, gallery, photos, call log, contact list etc.

root No root required Download and install Cy Cyber ​​Tour Spyware Detector to protect your malware spyware apps for mobile devices
Do you think that someone is spying on you right now? Click on Spy App Finder and Hidden App feature to display a list of important and affected applications.

How to Remove Malware from Android Phones

Cyber ​​Tour is a free, easy-to-use spyware finder application designed to protect privacy. We are not anti-malware or anti-virus, we only get spyware and apps for unknown third party resources. Our spy app finder features spyware app scanners, detectors and cleaners and helps you install them.

Spyware can do the following:Access the call camera microphone via SMS SMS and search history SMS Sending and receiving SMS
Keep an eye on your location.Medical information.

Find Hidden Spyware, Wifi and Camera Security App

calls Listen to calls Banking information
Real View and listen in real time and access photos and videos in the gallery. If you are worried and think that your device is working abnormally and has installed some apps but it is not visible in the app manager, then suddenly you will see the advertisement without opening the app.

Then open the hidden apps and download the feature to protect your phone. It is important to note that CyberTour is not an anti-virus or anti-malware application, it is a spy app finder, hidden apps finder, and more. Its job is to protect and remove spyware / stalker from your phone.

List and name all designated threats and spyware. Manually removes infected spy apps from mobile device to provide user protection.

Cyber ​​Tour Spy Apps Finder, Hidden Apps Finder, and High Risk Apps Finder are not substitutes for anti-virus or anti-malware.


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