Fire Emblem Heroes Game Download

Fire Emblem Heroes Game Apk Download . The one that has come to us is a year! Thank you for your support. .For the new options in strengthening new events and our partners in sports, sports forces have made the Champions final final with the heroic logo after playing it.

We hope this game can be presented. Choose your hero and join the battle!The RPG targeted China’s strategy, the Nintendo logo fire, which has been growing for more than 25 years, will continue to travel on smart

⏩Fight the game on the battles and games dedicated to the touch screen. Call the letters of universe’s fire icon. Prepare your hero’s skills and move them to new heights. This is your adventure – the fire mark that you have never seen before!

⏩It’s free to download the app and offer some optional applications.Epic struggleIcons match the universe. There is a constant and modern story in this game where there are dozens of new characters and dozens of people in the war.

⏩More than 500 story stories are available by April 2018! (Included in all of these difficult styles included). This step story cleanses, and you will get, in which the hero is used to communicate.
The new story is often included, so do not miss it!

⏩ Heavy fighting. Fits in your palm Well organized, strategic war on a map tour! You have to think about the benefits and losses of weapons … and also review the map in the form of war. You can easily touch and control your army, including the ability to attack the enemy.

⏩Turnover new strategy war? Do not worry automatically use options to fight your  characters.Promote your favorite heroThere are several ways to strengthen your classmates: level, skills, weapons, items, etc. Reach your role as a fight for victory.

▶️ Replacement mode

Apart from the main story, there are many other ways to strengthen your classmates, compete with other players. Original characters meet the legendary hero

Yosufko Kozaki and Shagiki Mushma will fight some heroes for your benefit, because others may stand on your way. Internet Connection is required. Data charges can apply.
▶️To use this game with Nintendo Account, you must have at least 13+.
▶️We allow third-party partners to collect data from this application for Analytics and Marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, see the “How We Use Your Information” Nintendo Privacy Policy.
▶️Changing individual hardware specifications and other applications such as the general operation of the applications.


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