How To Boost Android Phone Volume

A simple, small and free application to increase the volume or volume of the headphones.

A simple, small and free application to increase the volume or volume of the headphones. Useful for movies, audio boxes and music

Use your risk. Noisy performance, especially for a long time, can damage the speaker and / or damage your hearing. Some users have reported the destruction of the speaker and headphones. If you hear distorted sound, reduce the volume (but it may be too late).

By installing this application, the user must not be held responsible for any loss or hearing of the user on the device and the user uses it at his own risk. Consider it as an experimental software.

Not all devices support this software

Try it at your own risk and check that it works.This app does not work on most devices 4.2.1-4.3. It should work on devices 4.4 and above and 4.2.1.

This is not about adjusting the speaker volume for telephone conversations (which is probably the same sequence), but adjusting the volume of music, movies and applications.

After promoting zero, the volume booster will be closed. The notification icon works only for booting. If you do not want to show the notification icon when the volume booster function is closed, simply go to the volume booster settings and set it to set only when the volume booster is running.

The voice of each speaker, the loudspeaker application increases the volume volume compared to the default system settings. Whether you listen to music with your favorite player, games, watch movies or watch online videos online in your online browser, contact the subwoofer and the

Bluetooth speaker program and audio output.

You feel inevitable, listening to music, watching movies and reaching endless amounts. You want to be noisy for the sound or the higher volume for the Sonar system
Now, with just one touch, you can increase the volume of the voice to maximize the volume of the speaker or the volume of the Android amplifier to improve the amplification of the sound.

Now with Super Booster, you can increase the size of the speaker and increase the volume of your phone up to 60%. Strengthen your voice and give it

Have you ever tried Ultra Boost and Volume Booster? Our app can increase the volume to get the most realistic and vivid sound ever. The high volume in the Music Phone application will allow you to increase the boss express and with just one touch in the phone. You can not think of

increasing the volume of your phone.

Sometimes you can increase the volume and you can not even hear what’s going on. By increasing the speakers and the sound on the subwoofer you can increase the amount of any Android program, even if the volume of the existing system is higher.

Other features of the Ifier music amplifier and loud loudspeakers

With just one touch, it increases the volume of the phone
Sound reinforcement for video, multimedia, information, connection, alarm
Volume amplifier for headphones and speakers
The System Sonar system increases
Volume and bass adjustment is easy to use
Instant installation of the audio amplifier for headphones and noise applications
Without volume amplifier
👉 bass amplifier and shelf for protrusions
👉 System volume and music amplifier
👉 high volume alarm
Low and low increases

Download the Volume Booster app and enjoy the volume of your mobile phone or tablet faster and easier.
Volume Booster, you can increase the volume of any program the way you want, try

Ξ Now they are not limited to the maximum capacity to improve the Android voice board.

Ξ You can increase the volume to the required level even if the maximum volume in the system is set.

Follow all the audio played in the built-in audio system and increase it before reaching the sound card.

● Increases the maximum volume

The Sound Impressions app increases the volume compared to the default system settings, the sound of each app is wide. Whether you are listening to music with your favorite player, playing, watching movies or watching movies online in Voice Bo Browser

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