How To Change Android Mobile Software

How to change Android Mobile Softwares..P 9.0 Launcher is a modern roofing style of Android ™ 9.0 Pie, cool, easy and powerful

P 9.0 Launcher is Modern Android Launcher ™ 9.0 Touch, Cool, Easy and Powerful Launcher, P 9.0 Launcher lets you make the modern Launcher Android Features Pie, a modern like the P 9.0 Launcher also offers many features to improve your productivity when you all Today the phone used.

P 9.0 Launcher is available for all Android 4.1+ handsets!

9.0 P 9.0 Startup Features:

  1. Launcher theme for Android 9.0 integrates Kuch
  2. Increase more than 1000 fantastic themes
  3. Shoot almost every third-party symbol packs in the Play Store
  4. Start the Android 9.0 Pie Style Boot with the easiest section of the app
  5. Guest tips for Android Cough: Fill up the catcher to open the shaft, and slide it down to get back on the desktop.
  6. Fast scrollbar A-Z and energy supply Energy supply helps to find the applications quickly
  7. Start Shaft Mode: Vertical or Horizontal Tablet, Black / White Background Color for Wrapping Road
  8. Died in the Launcher Desktop: and clapping, running, precision and / or out, Doppellanz, two fangs Died
  9. Shaft Widget: Provides classified widgets based on applications.
  10. Hot Options: Boat Stack / Grid, Symbol Size, Label Color, Size Width, etc.
  11. Customize apps and shut it down to protect privacy
  12. Change reasons, change wallpaper, change widgets, change settings
  13. Option to scroll or not to background launcher background
  14. The placement begins to avoid child or other disturbance.
  15. Number of unrelated numbers for missed conversations, not deleted SMS, notifications that are selected over Launcher Desktop icons
  16. Shaft that allows animation: scroll up, circle
  17. Supports the larger image format of the Galaxy S8 / S9 and other new Android smartphones
  18. Install Sichbar from Android 9.0 on the desktop
  19. Background configuration of dock
  20. Many apples online


  • Android ™ is a Google, Inc. brand.
  • P 9.0 Launcher is not official for Android 9.0 Pie Launcher, that is an improved version of their Android 9.0 Pie Launcher

If you do a P 9.0 Launcher – with the Android 9.0 Pie Launcher Feature, give us a note, thank you!

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