How To Save Sim Data Stop Apps Using internet

It can be accessed individually to access your apps and Wi-Fi and / or mobile data.

Internet access can be stopped

  • Reduction of information
  • Save battery
  • Increase your privacy
  • Manage your mobile app
  • Easily add extra / extra hire
  • Background app activity
  • Alert for new applications on the Internet
  • Adult Block Website


It’s easy to use
• Root Android Firewall Protection!
Do not do it home
• Without tracking and analysis
• Effective development and support
• Android 5.1 and later
• IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP support

• is tried
• Support multiple device users
• Optional screen
• Limit by rolling time is limited
• Optional system application block
Device Address * Automatic Release

  • Identify the applications installed on your mobile device
  • Newly installed applications reach Internet * * personalities and announcements
  • Keep blocks against the bases
    Prevent background activity for selected features
  • Display the complete information display
    Design theme designed with light and dark theme
    • Use incoming traffic; Export PCAP files to find and filter log attempts; Traffic analysis
    • Allow blocks / individual addresses
    • New application notification; Configure Internet leaders directly from notifications
    Display status status status
    • Select five additional topics in the light and dark version

Not all these features have a new device.
Why does the map use the InternetGuard database?
It’s a confusion. Internet Guard uses a VPN packet to fill the station. All traffic to any data packet, internet and external traffic is provided for sending or receiving your applications.

However, now a good part is that internetguard data has come to be used to help you test the data for each app. Select home to use home information to use.


  • This app is based on the VPN interface, the only way to burn roots. It serves as a proxy server between regular applications and servers. This app does not clear your data and sends you a bit.

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