How To Set Hotspot Data Limit

My Data Manager is the best application that helps control the use of mobile data and save on a monthly phone bill. Over 14.7 million users have downloaded their data manager. Use Data Manager every day to check how much data you are using and get an alert before charging for data before deleting or unnecessary expenses. Never lose data again, always check that the data is used for each application and do not block the maximum use of data due to application background updates and other application functions.

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The main functions of the account manager:

Data tracking tools: You can monitor the use of data on mobile devices, Wi-Fi and roaming.
Contacts and text tracking: how many minutes you still have time to call or text
Warning: set a custom use trigger to avoid overloading and billing-related accidents
Application tracking: Understand the applications that use the most data, and avoid increasing data by updating the application in the background.
Shared plan: see Using each person’s data in your shared or family plan.
By device: you can manage data on multiple devices and verify data usage with one click.
History: Ensuring historical consumption ensures that you are on the right data plan.
Save money: maximize your data and lower your plan.

Use my data manager to see how much data you use, applications that use most data in the background, receive an alert before running data, and do not charge any additional fees for depositing the fee.
Background application updates can handle data without notification. Keep track of applications and immediately check data usage, this free app will never lose control over your mobile data status.

With the help of the My Data Manager application, you can fully control the use of background data in database values. Do not cross the data again through these unauthorized tasks because the backup application has been updated.

What do people say about my data manager?

“You can install a free application called My Data Manager, which shows the number of data used and applications that use most cellular data.” David Pogo, Yahoo Tech

“My data manager works great to keep track of everything so that you can live with you – Android headquarters

“My data manager … is the best Android app that controls and controls data on an Android device” – a great review of Android apps

“Controlling the use of your data has become an essential task … for applications such as data managers to become very important.” ZDNet

“My data manager is an extremely easy tool” – CNET

Like millions of my data manager users, start tracking applications and monitoring your data now!

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