How To Use Mobile Without Touch on Screen

Voice access is an affordable service that helps you control your device using the instructions you offer. Sound access can be useful to people who experience problems with the touch screen due to Paris, Storm, Temporary Challenges or other reasons.

To get help with voice, go to Help Help.

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Vote access sounds in three types currently in English only
Basic and navigation from any screen

Voice Access Apk File

  • Movements that work with elements on the current screen (for example, “next click”, “move off”
  • Edit text and order (eg “HiType” “Make coffee with tea”

You can help the screen: “What can I say?” Within audio access You can also view a full list of voice commands by accessing voice access settings and selecting Show All Tasks.

Steps to enable voice access:

  1. Go to Settings> Access.
  2. Select “Speech Access.”
  3. Change the switch.
  4. Fill in the article and lessons to learn how to use and learn the environment.

The guide offered the most common voice command, such as voice access, click, preview, basic text and “what can I say?” For me

How To Use Damage Touch Device

In order to make full use of the voting approach, it’s necessary that any screen from Google be replaced by any screen. Only “OK Google”

says when you want access to the voice to listen to the instructions. You need to update the Google app to access voice access by saying “Ok Google.” If you do not choose to turn on “Ok Google” from any screen, or if your device does not support, your voice will appear on your screen. You can press the button and say the order of the sound. You can press, hold and drag the key to move to another location on the screen.

To stop voice access, call “stop listening”. To completely disable voice access, go to Settings> Access> Voice access, then turn off the switch.

Voice Access Apk File Download

Voluntary notice
Microphone: The microphone for audio access uses your voice commands.
Telephone: Voice access is a telephone statement that allows you to work during a call.
Access Service: Since this application is an affordable service, they can download their actions, download the contents of the window and locate their text.

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