Mobile Mobile Tracer Apk Download Latest Version Apk

Mobile Tracker Apk Download Latest Version 2019

Tap your smartphone’s dependency and track battery usage Mobile Tracker Apk Download Latest Version 2019

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Mobile Mobile Tracer Apk Download Latest Version Apk

Phone Tracker Apk

What is Stepfree?

Steffrey is a visual and friendly Android app that lets you spend time on your smartphone and your favorite app. You can set the usage limit for your app and receive a notification when the threshold is above the limit. You can also see details about your usage and date data.

What step Exclusive Fine Stage?

▼ Self-evaluation self-assessment
► Excellent user-friendly interface
► The most precise mode of use
Direct customer support
► Compatible with batteries
► Cheap price

How to use:

The interface is very simple at StayFree.
On the homepage, click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen. And apps that want to see your usage data. Then click on the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, you are ready to prepare the day how much you used earlier that day.
To select MS alarms or view usage statistics details, click the application you selected on the home page.
You can edit or delete the alarm in the Alarms tab.
In the Tab History tab, you can see the statistics used in the last 7 days. You can export the CSV file of your date in this tab.

Features of the application:

★ Application usage history: You can see the date statistics on the graph.
★ More usage reminders: Inform them to switch to a phone or app in the long run.
★ Export Mode: Export your date of use to a CSV file or Microsoft Excel.
★ Awesome Quote: Post awesome reports that encourage less use of your phone.
★ Custom interface: 5 themes and choose what you want. You can also change the time tracking.

Features Premium Features:

★ Deleting an ad: no ads will appear.
★ Blocking mode: Block any unused application temporarily.
★ Lock function: Password settings must be changed.
★ Widget: show the best use in the most used applications and in a nice widget.
★ Graph: see the percentage of daily and monthly use of the application.

Mobile Tracker Apk Download Latest Version 2019
Mobile Tracker Apk Download Latest Version 2019

♢ Confidentiality

Your privacy is very important to us. Not all statistics on your phone, on our server. We allow the Internet to serve ads and send notifications. Your time is your most personal thing and we intend to do it this way!

You are important

Stayfree is very small. Therefore, your support is very important to us. If you like stationery, leave a definition. You can tell us what we need to change, we want to learn how to improve.

♢ contact us

We are always ready for your comments on the boat! If you encounter a problem with the application or if we suggest what we can do or help with any translation, you can always contact us:

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