New Very Usefull Private Browser – Without Data Store

Best private browser for anonymous surfing on all sites! Personal browser: proxy browser with integrated VPN
Private Browser – is a revolutionary Web browsing solution with a simple and unique user interface. 70 positions and SSL data encryption preserve privacy on over 400 servers. If you want to quickly access the Internet on your mobile, with all the advantages of private and private browsing, security and privacy, its VPN proxy server with server, for the personal browser of the Android browser, controls the protection through web browsing experience online, secure and anonymous on the web. This application is based on the special technology of KeepSolid Inc., which allows private browsers to search and support various methods of online browsing.

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The browsers currently on the market are not the same. Use only a secure connection, which protects a very important role on the Internet. As a privacy protection program, select a server from one of our listings in each country and understand your location. The personal browser is the best alternative for Chrome, Mercury, Firefox, Opera

Your private browser encrypted with integrated VPN for faster security.

For each beta exam, we evaluate your help!

Privacy, security and maximum comfort in a browser
Protect your data instead of a sale.

Tenta is the next-generation browser developed for privacy and security in the field, with real-world VPNs, secure DNS, advertising and complete data encryption. At the moment we send Silverware on Beta to create the best private and encrypted browser. Our mission is simple. We believe that confidentiality is closed and that everyone has access to world information without sinners or decisions.

Main features

Ilt True Integrated VPN: will offer an integrated VPN based on the Open VPN ™ protocol. Do not proxy as other less secure browsers.

Hold Automatically block advertisers and tracking tools for advertisers that block your ads, including malware sites.

☆ QR code reader Find a QR code in the browser.

☆ Smart Innovot ™: 100% of the browser is secure and private. It is the connected mode that is really hidden and light. This means that your reading books, your DNS, your IP addresses and your past are very confidential.

☆ Standard and safe surfing during navigation: no registration or registration is required. Lots of you burn against hackers, trackers and ISPs. Carefree without problems, especially on public Wi-Fi networks, such as airports or cafes.

: Password: protect your password from AES-256 encryption. For your protection, we have no copy of your password on any server. Authentication devices in captivity have been proposed.

Getting Started Site that starts with polling zones: Many browsers around the world are easier to use than a browser. Switch to change bus station.

Zt Protects your personal browsing and online threats: only you have access to the real-world browser. Feel friendly with your mobile device or with your friends or family members that your privacy will be encrypted and encrypted with your password.

☆ No connection: your privacy is our first priority. We do not find your browser data in encrypted traffic, which means no one is viewing your website, like Zeltter.

Premium Premium Premium to always use premium free support: Tenta is a free, independent and secure browser. Surf. Unlike other browsers, we do not work and do not store data or data. The beta version is completely free. Provides an additional health and safety service, such as:

• unlimited server space
• Defined DNS server
• Customer support canceled
Real integrated VPNSummary:
It’s very easy with Tenta Beginn.

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