Musemage Real Time 4K & Full HD Video Filters

After a simple download, the music player opens the camera without any further application on his mobile device. The unique feature of Musemage is that you can manipulate various filters and effects in real time without affecting full HD videos and full resolution images!

Try it and see the great features of the insulation!

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[4 professional recording methods]
Video mode: Experience many recording options simultaneously.
Photo mode: Filter different camera lenses in real time, so you get help with taking a good picture.
Blue Screen: Change the funny picture in any background or video of your choice.
Magic Color: Feel free to change any useful color in any case.

­čĺ╗Imaging multiple tasks in real time

Stabilize your video
Video stability brought the five-axis, digital video stabilization technology mobile phone. Under the condition of bamboo, manual photography ensures solid frames.

Beauty in real time
Full HD real beauty videos, fixes, hair, eyes and other details of the bridge and bed. Immediate face

Real-time HDR & 4K Features.

Automatic brightness control in image description, general display, shadow restoration and highlighting of 3V or more. Exhibition and tunnel changes make for a more realistic and shiny appearance.

26 camera lens filters and special effect filters
5 lens filters (hunger, shock, shift, etc.)
6 different filters (optimization, optimization, etc.)
6 technical filters (pictures, pictures, enthusiasm etc.)
5 seasonal filters (reflection, disturbances, snow, etc.)
5 device filters (tilt, widescreen, thermal, etc.)

44 color filters in real time
6 adventure filters
7 film filters
6 black and white filters
6 ml filter
authentication filter
4 light rigs filters
10 film filters

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