Norton Snap Qr Code & Bar Code Reader Apk Download .

Norton Snap takes you to potential risks and eliminates the risk of using a QR code. It protects your content from online threats by checking your identity code, your identity and the first to prevent sites linked to the Rapid Response Code will be downloaded on your mobile device. The first scanner is the fastest response.

QR codes are everywhere:

magazines, billboards, posters and so on. Get information about products or services, earn profits and make a special offer to make money. These bad guys can make it easy to attack your mobile device, make your identity and mess with your content. The problem is that there is a website to hide quick response code and that it is not possible to determine that they are also protected after the examination. So it’s too late…

If you clear the quick response code, Norton Snap Site Protection Ratings Norton-Safe Web allows you to instantly disrupt sites and objections on trusted sites on downloading the risk of your mobile device. Which is acquisition.

The Naron Diagnosis Icon tells you whether this site is safe or not. Get more information click on the access to the full Norton Safe Web Site where the risk catalog can be revealed, including full online pieces, so you know exactly where this address is That can see.

⏺ Latest features

• Automatically scan the QR code and check if it is safe or not.
• Save site site block malicious sites before uploading your mobile device.
• The last destination associated with a QR code is not just a small URL, so you know where to actually go.
• If this site is clear or potentially dangerous or to avoid completely, it should ..

System requirements
Android OS 4.0.3 or later

Privacy policy
Symbols respect your personal privacy and work to keep your personal data safe. For more information:

Mobile protection and anti-virus Do not forget to load your mobile phones without loading malicious programs and stealing your information from harming your phone…


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