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Do a lot with a very versatile applicationThe Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one application that contains half the size of a normal desig  application such as compass, translator or goodwill maker. In this way, many disk spaces will save time, time and frustration

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Main features
⏺ Small size
⏺ More than 40 applications can be changed by the application
⏺ is the most used application function
⏺ Easy touch screen to make different pants on the home screen
⏺ The tool is organized for a number of reasons, so it’s very simple

Product • utility • account • conversion • mobility and measurement tools

Smart Kit 360 speaks specifically of many activities

1. Monitor your heart rate
Reduce the heart rate of the camera and see the plus table in real time. Controlling your pulse is an easy way to get information about your health.

2. Translator (all languages)
Easily replace words with a simple operation in one language.

3. Multi-verbal dictionary
Free online dictionary for almost all current languages

4. Time has expired
The best fitness partner in your gym or home exercise.

5. Clean Cash, Ram Booster
Delete your phone! Clean up jak files, cash and RAM improvements for the device.

6. Provide battery
Save battery life and use it with a simple adapter.

7. Sound indicator
Monitor the current volume and volume.

Get directions faster, find locations, visit your current location on the map, and share GPS resources

9. Compass
Find the right instructions for your outdoor activities.

10. Magnifying glass
It’s hard to see the little things increase. Flash light is included.

11. Mirror
Watch yourself using the front camera even at night

12. Hama
Measure something of armor using your camera and your creative weight.

13. Sound, video cut
Select / show the partition you want to disconnect and take control of the remaining device.

14. Metal detector
On the chart in real time

15. Notepad
Take notes in your favorite colors easily. Backup notification Be organized!

16. Currency conversion
Change between different currencies. The currency updates automatically.

17. Calculator and chart
Actually calculate with the graph

18. Unit converter
Change between different physical units.

19. Sound recorder
You can record and play high quality audio recordings for a long time on your smartphone or tablet.

20. Metronom
Classic metronome with adjustable rhythm

21. Toner powder
Adjust your head or music devices. He can also feel the right head.

22. Scanner code
Quick scan of tape and QR code with camera.

23. File Manager, Root Explorer
File Manager with Root Explorer.

24. Past
Calculate your height using GPS

25. Combat
Simple mathematical tools and useful teaching tools

26. Conservatives
Easily measure the size of different objects.

27. Influence
Check the surface level.

28. Speedometer
See useful information on travel speed and distance.

2. Flashlight
Use it as a light bulb, as a strobe light or a light music display.

30. Checklist, reminder
Do things with flexible work lists.

31. Stop
Minimal stopwatch with “Auto save” result function

32. Vibration scale
Sound vibration on all three axes: X, Y, Z

33. Pedometer
Record the number of steps you take

34. Internet speed test
Correct the speed of the Internet connection

35 meters away
Display of the light meter (lax, fc)

36. Time zone
The world with time

The tool supports metric and imperial unit formats and many languages….

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